Sunshine Legal

Transforming Personal Injury Law with Next.js and Tailwind


About Sunshine Legal

To better serve clients and enhance operational efficiency, Sunshine Legal has implemented an advanced digital platform featuring an admin panel for managing multiple locations and a built-in CRM for seamless case management. The technology-forward approach has greatly improved client experience and case outcomes.


  • Managing multiple locations.
  • Providing real-time updates and case tracking for clients.
  • Handling high web traffic while maintaining SEO performance.
  • Delivering a responsive and visually appealing UI.

Tech Stack


  • With the implementation of Next.js, the website experienced a significant boost in search rankings.
  • The admin panel allows for client management & easy management of multiple office locations.
  • Clients can track their case in real-time using Sunshine Legals Client Portal
  • The tech stack allows Sunshine Legal to easily scale their operations without compromising performance or security.
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